Proposing an Educational Experience

Goals 4, 5, or 6 of the KU Core can be met through a pre-approved experience. Students may identify and propose a unique experience for pre-approval by the University Core Curriculum Committee. 

The UCCC utilizes international standards of experiential learning to ensure student learning occurs and to evaluate the quality of the experience. Therefore, proposed experiences must include: goals, plans for routinely reflecting on the experience and adjusting goals/expectations throughout the duration, and a process for evaluating your learning and its applicability to your academic and/or career goals. 

You must submit your proposal in advance of the experience. KU Core credit will not be given for individual experiences that have already occurred. 

How to Complete an Educational Experience

  1. Identify an experience that you believe satisfies a KU Core Goal (Only Goals 4, 5, and 6 qualify). 
  2. Meet with your academic advisor to determine if:
    • Your experience is already approved for the KU Core.
    • An existing KU Core course aligns with the experience. 
  3. Submit a proposal to the UCCC if your experience is not already approved and if a course doesn't align with the experience.
  4. Review the form and consider your answers to the questions. We recommend you review this sample form prior to submitting your proposal.
  5. Complete this proposal form.
  6. Upload a letter of support from your advisor, faculty sponsor, or experience supervisor.
  7. Upload any other supporting documentation such as a position description, syllabus, or documents that further explain the experience. 
  8. The University Core Curriculum Committee will review your proposal. If approved, a representative from the UCCC will contact you with more information about enrolling in a zero-credit hour UNIV course.
  9. If not approved, you will need to complete the KU Core Goal in another way.