Student Petitions

Under exception circumstances, students may petition a course or experience for a substitution in the KU Core. Below are the steps to successfully submit a student petition.

Talk to Your Academic Advisor

Before completing your petition, we recommend talking to your academic advisor. They will be able to provide guidance of your courses and provide you with assistance during your petition process.

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Read the Goal's Learning Outcomes

Each of the KU Core goals have learning outcomes that describe what we expect of students when they complete the goal. It is really important to read about the goal you plan to petition to ensure your course or experience aligns with it. In addition, the survey form asks you to provide justification of how your course or experience aligns with the petitioned goal.

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Collect Required Documentation

After you've talked to your academic advisor and read about the KU Core goal, there are documents you need in order to submit your petition. The first is a syllabus or description of the experience you are submitting. The second document is a letter of support from an advisor or faculty member. Both of these documents assist the UCCC is reviewing your petition and understanding how the course or experience aligns with the KU Core goal.

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Submit Your Petition

The final piece in the process is submitting your documentation and completing the questions in the Qualtrics form. The two questions in the form are really important for the committee during their review process. We recommend you take your time and provide as much information as possible when completing them.

Once you've submitted your petition, please allow at least a month before receiving the outcome notification email.

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