Approved Educational Experiences

Students interested in meeting a KU Core learning outcome through an educational experience are encouraged to review the list of approved options below and select the one(s) that meet your needs. This list will be updated as new educational experiences are approved. Each experience has clearly articulated requirements that must be met. Your advisor will be able to guide your decisions and should be consulted as you map out your degree completion plans.

Study Abroad Experience

A significant study abroad experience, defined as an experience of a semester or year duration or an approved short-term program. Meets Goal 4, Learning Outcome 2.

Alternative Breaks

A weeklong service trip, combined with enrollment for credit in the Alternative Breaks preparatory course. Participants earn service learning certification through the Center for Service Learning. Satisfies Goal 5.

Forecasting Internship

Practical experience working in a National Weather Service forecasting center. Satisfies Goal 5.

Service Learning Certificate

Two designated 3-credit hour service learning classes, total of 60 hours of volunteer service, and guided reflection. Note: the 60 hours of volunteer service may include service hours from service learning classes. Satisfies Goal 5.

AAAS Field Experience

A supervised placement in practical situations where students actively participate in organized work within the community. Satisfies Goal 6.

Applying Mathematics

Completion of four upper division mathematics courses along with two courses in the same discipline. Satisfies Goal 6.

Summer Archaeological Fieldwork

Paleoindian, Pawnee, and Euro-American Archaeology on the Central Plains. Satisfies Goal 6.

Environmental Internship

Hands-on experience in the environmental field. Satisfies Goal 6.

Forecasting Internship

Practical experience working in a National Weather Service forecasting center. Satisfies Goal 6.

Forecasting Practicum

Practical experience in private industry working with current and/or archived meteorological data. Satisfies Goal 6.

Geographic Internship

Supervised practical experience by enrollment in GEOG 490. Satisfies Goal 6.

Internship Exploration

A work experience coupled with coursework by enrollment in LA&S 490/PRE 575. Satisfies Goal 6.

Sociology Internship

Internship with nonprofit community or campus organizations. Enrollment in SOC 490 required. Satisfies Goal 6.

Social Welfare Field Practicum

Field practicum settings include public health clinics, community mental health centers, child welfare agencies, court services, senior centers, and community development projects. Enrollment in SW 601 required. Satisfies Goal 6.

Structured Sequences in Mathematics and Statistics

Completion of four upper division mathematics courses that form two sequences in mathematics and statistics. Satisfies Goal 6.

Theatre Internship

Supervised study with an approved theater company or project. Enrollment in THR 307 required. Satisfies Goal 6.

Topeka Semester Internship

Intern seminar at statehouse in Topeka. Enrollment in POLS 495 required. Satisfies Goal 6.

Washington D.C. Semester Internship

Intern seminar in Washington, D.C. Satisfies Goal 6.