Goal 6: Integration and Creativity

Gain the ability to integrate knowledge and think creatively

A successful education promotes thinking within or across disciplines to generate original ideas, to be creative, and to find new ways of perception and expression. With such capabilities, students can make new discoveries that can effect major change and lead to innovation. Inherent in this goal is establishing integration across multiple courses and/or experiences as well as using an array of courses and experiences as the foundation for creative thinking. Thus, it is likely that this goal and these learning outcomes will be satisfied later in a student's career, after a solid foundation has been established. 

Goal 6 Learning Outcomes

Upon reaching this goal, students will be able to analyze and combine information from different areas within or across disciples to approach and explain existing questions and problems from new perspectives, to pose new questions, and to generate new ideas. 


Upon reaching this goal, students will be able to think, react, and work in imaginative ways that produce innovative expressions and original perspectives. 

Courses, sets of courses, programs, educational experiences, and combinations of courses/experiences that meet these outcomes must satisfy the following:

  1. Lead to integration of knowledge within or across disciplines.
  2. Include instruction or a project that explicitly involves integration of knowledge within or across disciplines.
  3. Require a creative product (for example, a performance, paper, or presentation).
  4. Be evaluated for integration and/or creative thinking.
  5. Be completed at the junior or senior level.