Nominate a Course for the KU Core

KU uses the Course Inventory Management (CIM) system to manage all course and program proposals, including the KU Core. Courses nominated for the KU Core will begin their nomination process through CIM. The School or College Curriculum Committees will review and nominate the course to the UCCC's queue. Once it has reached UCCC, the committee reviews the course nomination. Courses approved become part of the KU Core. Courses not approved will be sent back to the department with comments for revisions and resubmission or withdrawal.

The courses submitted through the tool will be synchronized with the academic catalog once they've made it through all steps of workflow. 

Fall 2023

  • During Fall 2023, the UCCC will only review nominations for courses seeking to satisfy KU Core Goal 6 or courses included in new majors/degree programs.

  • This will provide academic units & the UCCC additional time to prepare for the statewide general education requirements.

How to Nominate a Course for the KU Core

  1. Review the goal criteria, example rubric, and CIM form questions of your anticipated goal for your course.

  2. Complete the CIM form and submit your course for review. You might need to work with your departmental curriculum committee to submit your course. If you are unable to log-in to CIM, please reach out to

  3. Your course will first be reviewed by your school or college curriculum committee before it is reviewed by the UCCC. Once your course has been reviewed by UCCC, you will receive an email with the outcome. If your course is approved, it will begin showing online once it's moved through the remaining CIM queues. If it is not approved, UCCC will reach out with feedback for resubmission or withdrawal.