Recertify a Course

The University Core Curriculum Committee (UCCC) is responsible for recertifying all KU Core courses. The process occurs on a 6-year cycle.

Recertification Form

Student Learning Assessment

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The UCCC asks all departments and programs that offer KU Core courses to submit a report for each course and goal/learning outcome.  In the case of a course approved for more than one goal/learning outcome, departments and programs will make separate submissions for each KU Core goal/learning outcome. The UCCC reviews on a 6-year cycle as follows:

  • 2022-2023: Goal 2.1 & Goal 2.2 & Goal 3 (Arts & Humanities)

  • 2023-2024: Goal 3 (Natural Sciences) & Goal 4.1 

  • 2024-2025: Goal 4.2

  • 2025-2026: Goal 3 (Social Sciences) & Goal 5

  • 2026-2027: Goal 6

  • 2027-2028: Goal 1.1 & Goal 1.2

All submissions of recertification materials will be done through Qualtrics. The UCCC evaluates each report and provides feedback to departments. In some cases, the committee may require additional information or data in order to rectify the course.

As of Fall 2021, the UCCC has partnered with Academic Success to streamline the process for collection of student artifacts for the Student Learning Assessment committee. These artifacts are submitted using Canvas. Please be advised: Courses will not be recertified if student artifacts are not submitted.

To submit student artifacts, please visit the sites below:

Information about FAQs can be found at this link or instructions for how to submit student artifacts are located in this PDF document.  

KU Core Review Forms for 2022-2023 are due October 13, 2022.